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Radio et télévision dans les Afriques : anciens objets, nouvelles approches

Séance du 8 mars 2021, de 11h à 13h

- Katrien Pype, anthropologue, KU Leuven (Belgique), « On Interference and Hotspots. Ethnographic Explorations of Rural-Urban Connectivity in and around Kinshasa’s Phonie Cabins »

The presentation is based on an ethnographic description of social life in and around phonie houses in Kinshasa. An analysis of the management of phonie conversations, which usually take place in the presence of the operator and customers, who themselves often participate actively in the radio conversations, provides a deeper insight into how urban residents literally live with the village. This leads to an exploration of various « agents of interference » in Kinshasa’s social landscape. These are social roles that build a bridge between different worlds, but often embody risk and danger. As a result the emphasis in the analysis is primarily on interference, a technical and social experience familiar to many, not only in Kinshasa, but wherever long-range connectivity is lived.

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