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Radio et télévision dans les Afriques : anciens objets, nouvelles approches

Séance du lundi 12 avril 2021, attention : changement d’horaire : 15h-17h

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- Marissa Moorman, historiennen Indiana University (Bloomington),
"Nervous system : radio and state power in Angola"

This presentation approaches state power through media, specifically radio, to consider this relationship in three moments of Angola’s 20th c history. I call this presentation ‘nervous system’ in order to foreground the role of affect in this relationship. States (and aspirational states, which is what liberation movements are), broadcast to national and international audiences to inform, influence opinion, destabilize their enemies, and forge a community of listeners. This talk will consider how radio technology structures listening and how the work radio does shapes not only what is said on the radio but why it matters. I explore sound’s affective qualities – how it makes listeners nervous, stokes their pride, or fosters their boredom – and how that affect, in the case of late 20th and early 21st century Angola – is related to the state.

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