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Akira KOWATA, invité IMAF 2022

Akira Kowata, a beneficiary of a Japanese governmental scholarship, joins l’IMAF from 23 Mars 2022 to 19 Mars 2023. He is a Ph.D. Student at the University of Kyoto, under the supervision of Yoko Nagahara with Toru Onozawa and Hiroyuki Shiode as co-supervisors, and at l’IMAF, he is received by professor Anne Hugon as visiting Ph.D. student.

Research Project :

His research project for the Ph.D. thesis aims at the history of modern education during the Senegalese colonial period, especially in the first half of the 20th century, to understand better the effect of colonial domination on the contemporary world. For this purpose, not only the construction of structural violence within the colonial domination, but the parallel construction of cultural violence, which justifies the former, need to be revealed. To this aim, facing insufficiency of statistical data, he had examined the colonial budgets to show that the structural violence to marginalize Africans had been constructed even within colonial primary education. He now investigates the evolution of history teaching in the colonial educational system to unveil the latter violence.

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